LP Gas Components

Use the diagram as a reference to the parts described below

a picture of a vehicle with LP Gas components showing

  1. vehicle LPG entry point

    1. From the filler: (the entry point of the LPG to the vehicle) which is designed to fit behind the petrol filler door on most modern vehicles

  2. LPG gas tank

    2. To the all-new twin valve LP Gas tank (the storage vessel for the LPG) Alternate type gas tank pictured left.

  3. v8 mixer

    3. And don't forget the electronics. AEB electronics (a European company that produces the majority of automotive LP Gas compo entry throughout the world) is the manufacturer of the 296 computer (which is the latest and one of the most advanced gas computers on the market today) and automatic changeover switches.

  4. v8 mixer

    4. And onto the legendary OMVL R90e Converter (sometimes referred to as regulator, this device reduces the Liquefied Petroleum Gas pressure back to its gaseous state)

  5. v8 mixer

    5. New technology delivering precise air /fuel ratio metering using advanced electronics. Ideal for new vehicles