Conversions - what REALLY matters

Our systems are specifically designed for every vehicle so that:

  • The performance of the vehicle should remain unchanged
  • The installation must satisfy the authorities plus our stringent rules and legistation as well as our demanding requirements of quality and safety
  • The fitting of the LPG system should also be as unobtrusive as possible.
  • We are an approved Kleenheat installer.
  • A hire vehicle can be organised whilst your car is being converted.

There is a host of other subtle differences in which a Mews Auto Gas conversion is designed to last longer than the others.

Some of those differences include the high quality electrical components, which are manufactured by AEB Electronics, a European company that produces the majority of automotive electronic LP Gas componentry throughout the world.

vehicle trunk fitted with lpg gas tank vehicle underside fitted with lpg gas tank

Other differences include the use of time proven Sprintgas Australian made mixers and high quality OMVL converters that are renowned by the majority of LP Gas Installers to be the best the gas converter on the market.

Other very minor differences include the use of brass water tees over plastic ones. Brass doesn't break like the plastic ones can. In a conversion the cost of two brass tees is around $10 compared to $3 for the plastic ones.

At Mews Auto Gas we feel that for the sake of $7, why risk cooking a motor if the tee was to break? (You can also look at it from the other installers point of view, $7 times 300 conversions per year = $2100 extra profit!) Sadly the best is not always the cheapest, however we still are very competitive and definitely nowhere near the dearest!

filling vehicle with lpg gas LPG  part