Services - little things that make a BIG difference

1. Experienced Technicians

Apart from the quality of the workmanship and manner in which the conversion tune up or repair is performed on your vehicle. There are a lot of other things such as experienced personnel with the training and expertise to use the vast array of quality tune up and installation equipment and machinery (which we have) to ensure that your vehicle operates at the most efficient and optimum tuning level possible.

technician working on car

2. Quality Conversion Parts

Including AEB Electrics for the switching of fuels and for the computerised control of the LPG.

Electronics for switching fuel

OMVL Converters have a renown reputation of being the best when it comes to converting liquid to gas.

3. Quality Repair And Tune Parts

Some of those differences include the high quality of electrical components which we use and recommend in your tune up. Such as NGK spark plugs with the model designed to suit your LP Gas powered vehicle and stainless steel ignition leads which are low in resistance to minimise the possibility of backfiring.

LPG filters

4. Available Stock

On most vehicles which are in need of replacement parts, we carry a range of quality parts in stock so that you won't be inconvenienced by having to come back later when stock arrives.


5. We Are Familiar With Your Vehicle

Other differences include information gathered after many years of automotive LP Gas experience and the familiarity with the majority of LP Gas equipment on the market today. Systems like OMVL, IMPCO, LANDI, VIALLE and a host of others are no problems when it comes to adjustments or repairs.